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NoMoreLies is dedicated to something we believe the world desperately needs more of, The Truth. Unfortunately we are in a world where lies are force fed to us constantly.


In the quest to become rich and/or famous, many individuals will say just about anything to get their hands on another person’s money and gain the adoration of others. We are bombarded with deceptive advertisements funded by rich people that are trying to get even richer. Some who have enough money to support dying countries, chose to instead use that money on getting even more riches to support lavish and wasteful lifestyles. In many cases these actions drive more nails into dying countries.


                I have always loved poetry and rap (which at one time was all about telling the truths nobody else was willing to tell),and many rimes from both genres have impacted my life greatly,  but one line in particular has come to be my motto for life:


“I live for the truth

 Because lies cost me my youth”



                In the spirit of poetry and rap in their infancies, we will attempt to tell the truths that are not sexy or exciting enough for the big guys to tell in a way that maximizes profits. The fishing scams and hacks that might not kill anybody, but will likely affect most internet users at least once.


We believe in the forgotten truth, “The best things in life are free” so we will have a page for our favorite freebies and attempt to give the most honest reviews known to man.


If you are visiting this site, you can probably relate to that sentiment. Perhaps you are just as tired as we are of the insanity that has proliferated since the creation of the human language. I am sure you also understand that the young people of this world are the only hope for the future that we have. You probably wonder what that future will be like if the lies persist.


Hopefully, you are also very hopeful and optimistic about that future. We currently live in the age of light that the scriptures and prophets knew would come.



“All things done in the dark will eventually come to the light”



I am not talking about religion. Even though this site will attempt use the wisdom of the ancient books like, the Koran, the Bible, Proverbs, The book of Sirach, etc, this is not a religious site by any means… that is if you don’t consider The Truth a religion. Unlike the Religions we have studied, we are not going to claim that we know any ultimate truths.


We believe that this is the age of enlightenment and light because of more tangible and visible reasons. There are cameras everywhere. There is the World Wide Web. There are sites like YouTube and Twitter that empower any and everybody broadcast to the world. There are cell phones and satellite phones.


We believe Numbers don’t lie. And even though computers are nothing but super calculators, humans disguise those numbers with their own words to pull off horrible scams. The internet has become main stream with the majority of its information.


This sites main mission is to take the daunting task of uncovering the truth, from the opposite direction. It is a lot easier to determine when someone is lying than it is to tell the truth, so our mission is to expose known lies.



We're keeping you informed with the latest news and will do everything in our power to protect visitors of this site from lies. Some who know me personally have told me many times that I am too honest… Well I am sure there are people out there that will appreciate my honesty. If you fall into that category, welcome to my site. Those of you who would prefer the stinging slap of the truth, over the pain of losing a life or home built on sand are welcome to observe and even join our discussions.


I invite adults like me who have been severely disillusioned at some point in your life to join me in helping young people escape the perils of our mistakes. I agree young people must learn from their own mistakes and missteps; however I also believe any young person willing to search for the truth deserves no more lies.